Battle-Royale/Racing game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 41 (Compo).


Last Man Driving is combination of two genres: Battle-Royale and Racing.

Every round 10 players (9 AI) are spawned and only one can be the winner.
AI will attack you and other AI's if it has weapon and ammunition. Otherwise it will flee.
When there is only you and one AI left, red pole will tell you the position of the AI.
There are fixed places where guns, ammunition and repair kits can spawn.
Every weapon has a small aim assist.
Type of gun and ammunition that spawns is random.
Ammunition and repair kits respawn after some time.
Trees and rocks are generated in random places every round.
Icons on the left notify you about amount of your ammunition for each weapon.
Icons on the right notify you about players that are alive, your kills and if "Weapon swap" is enabled.

How to play:

  • Pick up an weapon from the ground (RED - Rocket launcher, BLUE - Heavy cannon, YELLOW - Machine gun)
  • Pick up some ammunition for your weapon (RED for Rocket launcher, BLUE for Heavy cannon, YELLOW for Machine gun)
  • If you want to change your weapon: enable "Weapon swap" (SPACE) and drive through an weapon on the ground.
  • Every weapon has a small aim assist, so it's not necessary to directly face the enemy.
  • Destroy other cars or wait until they will destroy each other.
  • If you get damaged pick up repair kit (GREEN)
  • Win the game and be proud of yourself!

Default controls:

  • Arrows/WASD - Steering
  • Left Ctrl/Left Mouse Button - Fire
  • Space - Enable/Disable swapping weapons
  • Enter - Restart game (works only after win/lose)

Have fun!


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This game is super neat. I have played it multiple times, and keep coming back to it. Good job on the AI. I can't believe you made this game in 48 hours (did you even take a break or sleep?) Well done!