Survival game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 43 (Compo).


Sacrival is a survival game. Your task is to help the survivors to stay alive. At night zombies appear and they will hunt survivors. There is only one place that is safe - a shelter. However, because it can be closed only from the outside, at least one survivor must sacriface himself and spend the night outside. 

How to play:

  • Gather food and weapons at day.
  • Survive the night by hiding in the shelter or fight the zombies.
  • Do not let the zombies to get into the shelter.
  • You can skip time if the shelter is closed and there is noone alive outside. 
  • Every morning amount of food matching your survivors count is consumed.
  • Every morning new cases and boxes with loot appear.
  • If there is not enough food, survivors will die.
  • Have fun!

Default controls:

  • Right Mouse Button (Hold) + Mouse Move - Rotate camera
  • WASD - Move camera
  • Left Mouse Button - Select survivor
  • Left Mouse Button + Left Shift - Remove survivor from the selection
  • Left Mouse Button + Left Control - Add survivor to the selection
  • Left Mouse Button (Hold) - Select multiple survivors
  • Left Mouse Button (Hold) + Left Shift - Remove multiple survivors from the selection
  • Left Mouse Button (Hold) + Left Control - Add multiple survivors to the selection
  • Ctrl + A - Select all survivors
  • Backspace - Cancel the selection
  • Q - Order survivors to attack
  • X - Order survivors to move
  • E - Order survivors to use or pick up an object
  • C - Order survivors to drop their weapon
  • K - Skip one hour
  • O - Open the shelter
  • P - Release survivors from the shelter

Have fun!


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But how to close the shelter, please?